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What’s In The Bag? My Top Rehearsal Tips!

I am always asked what on earth is in the bag!? Well here is your opportunity to find out! Don’t forget to bring these essentials along to every rehearsal! I never leave home without them!

Apart from a load of ridiculous junk sitting in the bottom, here are the top things in my bag every time I leave for rehearsal!

My Script & Score

Never forget the script, score and lyrics! In theatre and music… this is your bible!

My Pencil, Highlighter & Pen

Something to make notes with is essential. I always keep it in my pocket. This way I always have it to hand when I need it! It can also be quite useful for tapping a rhythm or conducting with!

A Notebook

If I don’t write it down, I will forget it! Having a notebook means I don’t have loose papers or notes everywhere. Everything goes into the notebook!

A Bottle Of Water & Snack

Water is crucial for keeping hydrated at long shows and rehearsals! My personal favourite is a large 1.5 litre bottle of Evian! 

Comfortable Clothing

Regardless of the rehearsal, if you are not comfortable you will not perform your best! I prefer a loose fitting t-shirt that allows plenty of movement and space! 

My Watch On My Wrist

Rehearsals are carefully planned well in advance and timing can be tight! Getting the most out of each rehearsal is crucial! By having a watch on my wrist I can check it easily and quickly.

My iPhone (On Silent)

This is essential for capturing photos, video footage and audio recordings of harmonies. I can refer back to these at a later date as well as use them on social media to promote the show etc. 

Personal Essentials

Keeping fresh at a rehearsal is critical. I always carry some mini mouthwash, hand antibacterial and some fresh zesty deodrant and spray! Some other personal fabourites are a tub of Lush Helping Hands & Breath Of Fresh Air!

A Smile And The Right Attitude

It is crucial that each rehearsal starts with the right atmosphere in the room! I always have music playing as people arrive, a smile on my face and the readiness to create something special and magical. If anyone of these things falls down then the rehearsal can suffer.

Yorkshire Tea Bags! (No Seriously!)

I always carry individual sachets of Yorkshire Tea in my bag! I have always been a fan of this wonderful golden beverage. No great idea or great production every came out of anything less fabulous!

4 Responses
  1. Margaret Tulloch

    I have money in my bag too without it i would be sad if i missed the rehearsal.Its my happiest most important time of the week having a bag full of happiness and giggles..

  2. Jeannette

    Most of the above Adam, plus a few’girlie’items. My bus pass ?.
    A mind full of anticipation and enthusiasm.
    I leave with happiness and a heart full of song.

    ‘mushy or what Adam!’ haha!

  3. Gloria W.

    My Lyrics first and foremost, then a bottle of water, vocalzone tablets and just in case I’m feeling a little tired, my pro plus to keep me going! Usually Adams CD on in the car and I’m ready for the off!

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