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Happy 1st Birthday Choirmaster!

Wow! What an incredible year it has been! Thank you to everyone who has shown us such wonderful support in 2019! At the end of last year almost 200 of our singers took to the stage as we performed our end of year concert, ‘Christmas On Broadway’. It was a phenomenal success with two shows showcased to just over 600 people in our audiences! It got us thinking about the incredible year we have had and how Choirmaster has developed so many incredible singers from our local area!

One year ago we started a choir. We had one simple vision and aim which was to bring people together across South Tyneside through a love of music and singing. Choirmaster was born! It was a cold, wet and windy night in the middle of February half term and visions of standing in an empty room after weeks of preparation sprung to mind! However, one by one the singers came. Something very special had happened that very first week.

It truly has been a remarkable year for singing across South Tyneside. As well as all of the performances, we have had more coffee mornings, social events and nights out than we care to count! What we have discovered is that Choirmaster is not just a community choir… It truly is a family and moving forward we will strive to continue to changing and inspiring people’s lives through singing and music

Why don’t you leave some comments below with your favourite memories!?

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  1. Yvonne

    I was so nervous about coming on my own on Tuesday especially as I’m not a singer or performer but Adam made me feel so welcome and after I went a few times got to know people including when I went one Monday evening. Such a friendly, welcoming and talented bunch of people.

    My favourite memories are Proms in the Park. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining, the music and singing were amazing . It was great to see the audience joining in and enjoying it too. I remember looking out towards the sea as we sang thinking this is special moment.

    The Great North Run was very moving too seeing the reaction and emotion of the runners as we sang ‘Run for Home’ It’s these special moments that stay with you


  2. Paul

    Well hello, For MJ and I without a doubt it has to be the Christmas on Broadway concerts.

    Have to admit to feeling at my best that weekend having picked up a bug or two from the kids at school, however I was determined not to let it hold me back and gave it everything I had.

    MJ doesn’t read music so Choirmaster is the perfect place for us to sing together and practice at home…sorry neighbours lol.

    Well done Adam and Kevin, also the folk in the background who do all the other bits, equally as important.

    Here’s to year 2!

    Paul and MJ


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