+44 (0) 191 243 86 55 admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk
+44 (0) 191 243 86 55 admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk


Discover Together...

A Choirmaster workshop will give you and your group the opportunity to master the power, passion and melodies behind some of the world’s most iconic songs from pop, rock and musical theatre in our fun, exhilarating and inspirational workshops. Suitable for all ages and vocal abilities.

We offer a variety of workshops and talks for choirs, theatre groups and societies across the UK. Taught by leading creatives and animateurs we provide innovative and exciting experiences where we focus on building confidence, creativity, inspiration, vocal skills and talent.  Our workshops can take place at our studio in the North East or we can come to you.

All Of Our Workshops Include The Following

Welcome & Introduction

Meet Your Choirmaster Animateur

The Warm Up

  • Warm ups take the form of simple breathing and singing exercises, followed by simple scales and fun energetic tongue twisters.
  • Throughout the warm up singers are also given a technical knowledge of singing with which they can relate to the songs they will be singing in the workshop.
  • Warm ups also include work on the diaphragm, posture and breathing etc.
  • Singers are given clear information and talked through what they are singing and why.

The Material

  • The material we sing throughout the session can be tailor made for your particular workshop or group.
  • Our sessions have been developed for everyone at all levels of ability, whilst maintaining the ‘fun’ element.
  • Sessions will also develop harmony, character and the approach to the performance.
  • Our animateurs come fully equipped with their own digital pianos and pa systems for use in the session.
  • We offer workshops of all lengths. Everything from 1 hour to 1 day.
  • All of our workshops and masterclasses are crafted around you, your group and your requirements! 


  • The break can be a light refreshment or lunch break depending on your particular requirements and workshop timings.

Q&A Session

  • Our animateur will host a question and answer session.


  • Our workshop will finish with a final sing through and a recap of all of the material covered.

For More Information

All of our workshops are carefully crafted around you and your groups needs. For more information, to discuss your requirements or to book a workshop please give us a call on 07854 829091 or email admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk .