07854 829091 admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk
07854 829091 admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk

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We are a leading choir, based in the wonderfully diverse area of South Tyneside. Choirmaster has been exciting and inspiring audiences and members alike, since its formation in 2019. 

With around 150 singers, we sing everything from Pop, Rock and Musical Theatre and perform to a high standard of 4 part harmony at a number of prestigious events throughout the year. We also appear at a number of smaller performances locally too.

If you share our passion for singing and want to perform in a welcoming choir with a professional approach, we are always happy to receive applications for all voice parts. We are particularly interested in hearing from tenor and bass applicants. 

If you think you’d like to become part of our diverse collective of passionate and dedicated singers, we’d love to hear from you.


How do I join?

Potential singers should sign up via the form below for a rehearsal. This is free of charge and will allow you to experience Choirmaster! You can join at any point in the year. If you enjoy this rehearsal you are welcome to audition and join the choir!

Do I have to audition?

The choir is made up of singers of all ages who work to the highest professional standard, challenged by a wide variety of music including pop, rock and musical theatre. Prospective singers are auditioned with our Musical Director.

What sort of commitment is required?

We expect anyone who joins Choirmaster to rehearse using the materials provided and attend regular rehearsals once a week. Alongside this we have a full choir rehearsal once a month which you must also attend. You are not expected to take part in all performances and we will always try to be flexible in accommodating your work and personal commitments. 

How much is Choirmaster? Is there a membership?

Choirmaster membership is £6 per week. This allows you to attend both of our rehearsals in South Shields and Hebburn. We ask that you attend at least one rehearsal a week.

Payment should be made for the term in full from which ever week you join Choirmaster. The cost of the membership will be however many weeks are left from the day you join.

For example, if you join on the first week of the current 10 week term, payment due will be £60.00. 

Payment plans are available on a discretionary basis. 

In additional to our weekly rehearsals we also hold one full choir rehearsal a month at Jarrow Focus. This usually alternates between the second Wednesday & Thursday evening each month. The cost is an additional £6.00 and is payable on arrival. 

Where and when do you rehearse?

Choirmaster rehearsals are held weekly in South Shields and in Hebburn. You can choose where you attend depending on your location. Rehearsals cover the same material.

  • South Shields – Monday Evenings – 7pm-9pm – Living Waters Church, NE33 5PB
  • Hebburn – Tuesday Evening – 7pm-9pm – The Elmfield Social Club, NE31 2ED

In additional to our weekly rehearsals we also hold one full choir rehearsal a month at Jarrow Focus. This is usually the second Wednesday evening of each month.

Is there a dress code for performances?

Upon joining the choir, you must purchase a Choirmaster t-shirt which is used for performances. You must provide your own black trousers and smart black shoes. We advise just wearing comfortable clothes for rehearsals! 

What do I need to bring?

You should bring water, a pencil and your lyrics to every rehearsal. You will also receive a members pack and rehearsal schedule upon joining.

Do you do any social activities outside of choir?

We have a fabulous social life outside of Choirmaster! Many singers often stay behind after rehearsals for a drink and alongside this we regularly arrange restaurants, trips away and other social activities throughout the year! 

Do you use sheet music?

Most of our singers prefer to use lyrics as they cannot read sheet music. However, sheet music is available for most of the material we cover for a small additional charge per copy. 

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