+44 (0) 7854 829091 admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk
+44 (0) 7854 829091 admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk


"Choirmaster has changed my life"

Consider Yourself... One Of Us!

  • Can Anyone Come?Yes! Choirmaster is open to absolutely anyone! We only ask that you are aged 16 plus and are ready to have heaps of fun in every session!
  • What Will I Achieve?You will be taken to perform at various events across South Tyneside throughout the year. You are also encouraged to source out performance opportunities in the local area. Whilst developing your voice and learning to sing you will experience a number of health benefits. You will find that your life will change! 
  • What Are The Benefits?You will be inspired and will leave each session with a huge buzz. Singing also has a number of major benefits including physical wellbeing, psychological and emotional wellbeing as well as numerous social benefits for all ages. We have a fabulous social life too with endless parties, beach picnics, countless trips away and more coffee mornings than we care to count! You will make new friends for life!
  • What Will I Be Singing?We sing a wider variety of music mostly from pop, rock and musical theatre! We also sing songs relevant to any upcoming performances!
  • How Much Does It Cost?In order to ensure we keep the choir open to as many people as possible we are keeping the pricing simple. The first time you come, you can enjoy a free 'taster' session.  We operate on a pay as you go basis. This way, people who can’t afford costly termly memberships to other organisations can still come and enjoy Choirmaster. It is simply £5.00 per session and each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Sounds Great! How Do I JoinIt is simple! Unlike many groups and choirs, we never stop, even for school holidays! Just simply turn up to one of the sessions below and you will be made to feel very welcome!  Choirmaster is a very friendly group of people of all ages, backgrounds, talents and styles! You will feel at home very quickly! The only thing we ask is that you are aged 16+ If you need more information then you can simply give us a call on 07854 829091 or email us at admin@thechoirmaster.co.uk

Session Timetable

South Shields - Ocean Road Community CentreMonday: 17:30 - 19:00
South Shields - Ocean Road Community CentreMonday: 19:15 - 20.45
South Shields - Ocean Road Community CentreTuesday: 10.45 - 12.45
Hebburn - The Elmfield Social ClubTuesday: 19:15 - 20.45